About Us




Ivy Vibe is a well-established lifestyle boutique based in Geraldton, Western Australia, founded in December 2010. Over the course of thirteen years, our boutique has grown and evolved, and now we proudly offer our handpicked ranges online, in addition to our physical store.

Ivy Vibe is driven by a group of friends who aim to encourage women to discover and embrace their unique individual style, hence the name "Ivy Vibe." The name itself carries significance, with "Ivy" symbolizing fidelity, friendships, and loyalty, and "Vibe" representing a distinctive feeling or quality that can be sensed.

Ivy Vibe places a strong emphasis on providing friendly and personalized service to its customers.Our boutique aims to help customers feel confident and styled with looks that suit their individual preferences and personalities.

For those in Geraldton, visiting Ivy Vibe in person offers an opportunity to experience the boutique's unique ambiance firsthand. You can stay updated on the latest arrivals by following @ivyvibe on Facebook and ivy_vibe on Instagram

Ivy Vibe hopes that people love what they do and are committed to providing an enjoyable shopping experience in store and online for all.