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Mahashe is a boutique, Australian Designer label that is becoming more known and loved each day. At home on the East coast of Australia, this brand specializes in cotton and prides itself on creating timeless, everyday tran-seasonal styles in unique vibrant prints.

Brought to life by April & Mark, a down to earth couple who have fused their skills and creative talent to create a fashion label that has become well known for its quality. 

With a natural emphasis on sustainability in their own lives, it’s only natural that this carries on into their business, continually working towards providing quality clothing with the least environmental and social impact possible.

In a world where almost everything has become disposable, they have created a fashion label that pays attention to the finer details, to ensure that the garments are still beautiful for the years to come.

Mahashe is ethically produced in India with a family run business. Mark & April work closely with their suppliers, ensuring an honest and fair working environment, this isn’t something they have had to implement, this has been there from day one, in fact this business has been built from the ground up from the belief that this planet and all it’s inhabitants need to be loved and looked after.

MAHASHE...designed in Australia, made with love in India

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