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lady grandzigger black
lady grandzigger black
lady grandzigger black

lady grandzigger black


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lady grandzigger in black

Reality is an Australian collection of Eyewear. They are produced from nickel free alloy and (CP) molded cellulose propionate – a robust synthetic material. Nickel free alloy frames are of benefit to people who suffer allergies to metals containing nickel.
 Reality CP frames (the ones that look like plastic) frames are all optical quality. This means that all frames can be used as optical frames or have prescription sun lenses
added. Prescriptions cannot be put into the metal frames.
 Reality lenses are light-weight polycarbonate making them comfortable to wear all day. The lenses are impact resistant so they should not shatter. Therefore, from a safety aspect, they are great for everyday use and particular for sports.
Sunglass lenses comply to Australian safety standards.
All of our lenses and frames are laboratory tested for standards classification and quality assurance. Most of our lenses are category 3 filter which is the best form of
sun and UV protection in a General Purpose Sunglass. Some lenses which are lighter in colour for fashion purposes maybe Cat 2 however most are Cat 3.
 Reality Eyewear provides a full 12 month warranty for
faulty workmanship. This does not include damage caused due to lack of care, such as scratched lenses.
Always take care of your sunglasses.
 Reality Eyewear is an Australian Brand.
 Please contact Reality Eyewear directly with regards to
any warranty claims. info@realityeyewear.com